Trekking on the Active Volcanoes of Sicily: Etna and the Aeolian islands

Etna, Salina, Stromboli, Vulcano,

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Trekking on the Active Volcanoes of Sicily: Etna and the Aeolian islands

A trekking holiday without precedent: an explosive mix of sensations and emotions while discovering the Active Volcanoes of Sicily!
We will travel together with expert guides through this land which is rich in pathways and breathtaking views for a trekking experience that you will never have had before.

Trekking on Etna: a unique experience

The largest volcano in Europe is one of the destinations that a trekking enthusiast cannot miss: from its heights right down to its caves, reached slowly while savouring the smells and sounds of the mountain, Etna gives the trekker, whether more or less experienced,  unrivalled sensations.

Indeed, in this area, we can enjoy a wide variety of landscapes which melt into one another in an incredible landscape mix:  walking through groves of olive trees and along paths lined by oak woods, we reach long stretches of lava flow which give the idea of being on another planet.

From here, we go on towards craters and caves, which sometimes reveal themselves timidly along hidden pathways, and at other times powerfully with clouds of smoke and steam which remind the visitor that under his feet the volcano is in continuous and incessant activity.

The Aeolian Islands:  discover them on a Trekking Holiday

The Aeolian archipelago is a group of small treasures all waiting to be explored!  Departing from Vulcano, with its typical sulphur smell, mitigated by the scents of the local vegetation, we will visit  places where nature is meek and frenetic at the same time. This includes admiring the activity of the volcano of Stromboli.

“Iddu” – “Him”  as the islanders call the volcano, never fails to leave visitors open-mouthed at its amazing eruptive activities.   Another stop during our treks in the Aeolian islands is Salina with its lush vegetation, a true green pearl with its flourishing woods and on whose peaks it is possible to see – with a bit of luck – an Eleonora’s Falcon in flight.

Lastly, Panarea, a very small island and yet rich in wondrous landscapes.  We can visit the prehistoric settlement of Cala Junco and allow ourselves to be amazed by the wonderful views that this island offers!

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Discover our accompanied trekking holiday on Etna and in the Aeolian Islands

A guided trip amongst the Active Volcanoes in Sicily, perfect for trekking enthusiasts and for anyone wanting a unique experience of sea and land.

Day 1 – Milazzo

Arrival at the airport, meet your guide and presentation of the programme.

Transfer to Milazzo, a charming seaside town and port of departure for the Aeolian islands, check-in to your hotel.

Dinner in a restaurant and overnight stay in hotel.

Day 2 – Vulcano

Vulcano: the Aeolian Islands in one glance

Hydrofoil to Vulcano; check-in to your hotel and free time to go to the famous mud baths, renowned for their therapeutic properties.

Picnic lunch and ascent of the Cratere della Fossa in the afternoon.

An excursion which is like the fusion of a pleasant walk and a real trek.  We begin with a walk along easy paths, lined by rich vegetation, full of the characteristic smell of gorse;  then, as the path becomes steeper, we will find ourselves amongst red-coloured rocks lining the twisting path, until we arrive in a dark and bare clearing.

But the real spectacle is to be enjoyed once we reach the top of the volcano: a view that captures the whole of the Aeolian archipelago!  From here it is possible to admire the whole island and her sisters, like emeralds placed on a cloth of blue velvet.

Being on the Cratere della Fossa is an experience which is not easy to describe, because of the continuous emissions of smoke, hissing noises and the heat that the volcano emits.

Dinner in a restaurant; overnight stay in hotel.

Time: +390 -390
Difference in altitudes: 3 hours

Day 3 – Salina

Salina: on the roof top of the Aeolian Islands

Transfer by hydrofoil to Salina, a verdant island that boasts the highest volcano in the whole archipelago.

With woods of extraordinary beauty and infinite stretches of Mediterranean vegetation, nature surrounds us as we climb the volcano.  The peak of Monte Fossa delle Felci, a patrimonial natural reserve, offers a panoramic viewpoint of rare beauty over the Aeolian islands.

To find yourself inside the crater of this volcano, perhaps while sipping a glass of delicious Malvasia, the “nectar of the Gods” – is an unbeatable experience.  And, if you are lucky, it is possible to see the rare and majestic Eleonora’s Falcon In flight.

Return by hydrofoil to Vulcano.

Dinner in a restaurant and overnight stay in hotel.

Time: 6 hours
Difference in altitudes: +960 -960

Day 4 – Stromboli

Stromboli:  2000 years of spectacular eruptions

Embark for Stromboli.

Lunch in a restaurant.

In the afternoon we start our ascent of the volcano along paths with views of the intense blue sea. Thanks to our expert volcanologist guide, we will be able to observe the eruptions of “Iddu”, meaning “him”, the volcano of Stromboli.

This is a destination which is one of the most loved by trekkers.  Stromboli always provides a unique and unrepeatable experience for its visitors.  Thanks to its constant eruptions, the light from the volcano is visible at night, even at great distances, and in ancient times it was called the “Lighthouse of the Tyrrhennian Sea.”  The fascinating volcanic activity is constantly monitored in order to offer trekkers an exciting trip in complete safety.

Overnight stay in hotel.

N.B.  Access to the paths is subject to rulings established by the Civil Protection, which can vary according to the state of activity of the volcano, and in any case requires that visitors are accompanied by authorized guides for access to the higher levels of the volcano.

Time: 5 hours
Difference in altitudes: +830 -800

Day 5 - Panarea and Etna

Panarea: a tiny natural jewel

Travel by hydrofoil to Panarea.

A charming island with its element of glamour,  Panarea is the oldest of the Aeolian Islands.  With its striking landscapes and typical white architecture, the green of its vegetation and the purple of its bougainvillia predominate in this pearl of an island.

Our trip will take us to the prehistoric village of Cala Junco on Punta Milazzese, in which it is still possible to see the remains of the Mycenaean settlement.

From here, we descend via an ancient path to the wonderful beach of Cala Junco, a real natural swimming pool with crystal-clear water, bordered by imposing cliffs.

We embark for Milazzo and transfer to Etna.

Dinner and overnight stay in Refuge.

Day 6 – Etna

“a Muntagna” – “the Mountain”: Trekking on Etna – open spaces and magical caves

Etna is the true natural symbol of Sicily.  A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2013,  “a Muntagna” rises up before us in all its majesty, in a breath-taking spectacle for the visitor.  Sometimes quiet and snow-covered, at other times tumultuous and roaring, this mountain regales the visitor with stunning views, from wherever you look at it.

Amongst the most violent eruptions of the last few decades, the eruption of 2002 certainly made a massive impact on the land around Mongibello – another name for Etna.  Departing from our refuge in the direction of Piano Provenzana (almost 1800 m above sea level) in the company of our expert guide,  we will be able to appreciate the destructive power of that eruption, which has entered the history books.  As we go round the fissure which was created, it will be possible to see the stretch of lava flow and what little remains of the centuries-old Ragabo pinewood.

Walking on these paths, ripped apart by tremors, and among the black lava flows is in itself a particular experience, but smells and sounds, if you are awake to them, also testify to the volcano’s presence.   It is a presence which is imposing and majestic,  which welcomes but also demands respect.

Our trek continues towards the Grotta dei Lamponi (Raspberry Cave)With its length of 700 m, this cave is the longest lava flow tunnel on Etna.  With its floor of lava, it is admired for its unusual formations, like the so-called “dog’s teeth” (stalactites of re-melted magma).

Return to the Refuge, and dinner.

Time: 6 hours
Difference in altitudes: +600/-600

Day 7 – Etna and Catania

Trekking on Etna: the “Bottoniera” (line of craters) formed in 2002

Our second day on Etna is spent on an excursion to Piano Provenzana.  Destroyed by the extremely violent eruption of 2002 and by the earthquake connected to it, this area reveals notable traces of the destructive power of the volcano.  From the huge gash produced in the land, a line of craters, called a “bottoniera”,  was formed on that never-to-be-forgotten 27 October, and we will be trekking alongside it.

Our volcanologist guide will point out various aspects of the eruption and of the craters, recounting details of the event and explaining the morphological variations in the area we are visiting.  What is most incredible is the moon-like appearance of the area which the magma poured over, destroying everything in its path.

As we continue onwards, we will find ourselves face to face with the “Black Mountain”.  The massive cone with its characteristic lava colour was formed after the eruption of 1646 and is the most imposing of Etna’s craters.

Another amazing area to explore is that of the “hornitos”, cones of lava flow just a few metres tall.  We will then return to the wonderful Grotta dei Lamponi, or Raspberry Cave, so-called because of the large raspberry bushes that grow around its entrance.

At the end of our trek, transfer to Catania, where we visit the historic centre with its fabulous Baroque architecture.

Overnight stay in hotel.

Time: +600/-600
Difference in altitudes: 7 hours

Day 8 – Catania

Breakfast and transfer to Catania airport.

End of the trip and services provided.

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